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TURBOJAV IS MADE IN THE USA! Powered by Tom Petranoff

Learn the drill for becoming a javelin thrower! Learn the Thrill of the Skill! by Throwing Zone Athletics.

Thomas and Carolynn Petranoff are co owners TZA LLC.  They started the turbojav program in South Africa in 1990.  Carolynn is the Financial Director and business manager. They have been together since high school. Married 33 years, met in high school and have four daughters. Shannon, Whitney, Leigh and Kelly.  They live in Vista California.

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About Throwing Zone Athletics

  • A global company that has organically grown from the turmoil of the townships in South Africa, then to Finland, then to Japan, and eventually to the United States and other nations around the world.

  • Revolutionizing athletics and sport education with a 100% track record on safety and progress.

  • A company that is expanding its education and programmatic offerings to include much more than its traditional emphasis on throwing.


turbojav_to_javelinWhat is the TurboJav?

TurboJav is developed by former world men’s javelin throw world recordholder, Mr. Tom Petranoff

TurboJav is a throwing implement designed to develop correct throwing technique. TurboJav teaches the basic fundamentals and mechanics associated with any throwing Event. The TurboJav was originally designed to teach beginner javelin throwers the same throwing fundamentals in a safe and fun environment.

It is also ideal for the more advanced athlete to use as a training implement to improve their accuracy and technique. It has a softnose, which enhances the safety feature and allows it to be also thrown indoors.

What are the areas TurboJav is used?

1. Youth Sport

TurboJavs 300gr-400gr are used in Elementary schools,  TurboJav 500gr-600gr are used in Middle Schools.  TurboJavelin 600gr-700gr-800gr are used in Highschools.

2. Special Olympics International

Throwing Zone Athletics™ Products are utilized for Special Olympics International official events
2015 – Turbojav is an official event in Special Olympics around the world.

3. Recreations – Festivals

  • TurboJav throw is the highlight of recreational programs

  • All ages love to be active

  • Festival programs allow family members to come foreward and be a part of the fun actiities

  • Programs are organised in various places: parks, adventure parks, beaches, summer camps