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We started Throwing Zone Athletics 26 years ago with a program called Olymkidz. It was a run jump and throw program to introduce basic track and field programs into the township of Katlehong schools. It then grew to many townships around the country over six years and was funded by Mobil sponsorship amounting to 6000 plus schools in RSA. Then the word got out and Japan, Finland, and USA started the mini javelin in 1993. We moved back to USA in 1997 where we built new molds and started manufacturing in Massachusetts (1998) and still do today. All of our Turbojav products are made in the USA. Massachusetts was the first state to introduce Unified sports into schools in 2012. Elementary schools use 300 gram, middle schools use 500 gram, and high schools use 700 gram.

Now, many states and countries are doing Unified sports and are proud to be a part of it. Our commitment to the athletes, coaches, and education programs around the world; it is now available for free on our website. Anyone can go to our website and learn everything they need to know about mini javelin events. We started the 2016 Javelin Games program for your programs to do several throwing skills tests,indoor or outdoor. We have many fun new events for your athletes to enjoy and learn how to throw. Have a look around our site www.throwingzone.com.  Check out our training and games. Send us action pictures of your program and results for us to post on website and facebook. We want to help motivate your athletes, coaches and parents with fun stuff to do in track and field. Enjoy the games in 2016.



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Javelin Games


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More about TurboJav Mini Javelin:

How to Throw? LINK


Turbo Javelin Throw is an offical event implemented into Special Olympics! Physical activity participation must be made available to everyone.

Official sizes for Special Olympics Mini-Javelin:

a. Male: 400g

b. Female: 300g

c. Male and Female (8–15 years): 300g

For the past 15 years, Throwing Zone Athletics, developer and manufacturer of the Turbojav and mini javelin event, has worked intensely to support Special Olympians in their quest to perform at their very best. We have visited over 30 states since 2000 and enjoyed teaching the javelin event to athletes staff and coaches. In 2011 mini javelin/turbojav became was added as official event in Special Olympics summer games worldwide. When you ready to start your program, we are here to help you.

The founder of Throwing Zone Athletics and inventor of the Turbojav, Tom Petranoff is pleased to announce new innovations in the Turbojav that will enhance the experiences of Special Olympians and support the efforts of coaches and volunteers. A two-time world record holder in the javelin, Tom knows what it takes to raise excitement in the event, coach the coaches and volunteers, and track performances, just like he did in his journey to being the best in the world.